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2009 Africa

I had made this comprehensive list of all the things that I wanted to mention in this final post for the Africa hike and all of the amazing, eye-opening things that had hit me upon re-entry to the U.S. That might have been too long of an entry to keep everybody’s attention anyway, but the […]

2008 Long Trail

In October 2008 I hiked the Long Trail with a couple of hiking friends, Pepper and Nacho. It was a really fun leisure hike in all of the glory of the fall foliage. Pepper and I hadn’t hiked with Nacho in a long time, so it was a great reunion hike and it was great […]

2008 Scandinavia

I flew to Norway directly after finishing the Iceland hike. I had intended to hike the length of Norway/Sweden following the crest of the Scandinavian Mountains from Tromso in the north to the southern coast either around Bergen or Stavanger. On the flight from Iceland I realized that I drastically underestimated the mileage and I […]

2008 Iceland

On June 14th, 2008 I started hiking from Husavik on the northern coast of Iceland. I finished hiking across Iceland on the morning of June 26, on the southern coast just south of Skogar. The route that I took was probably a little over 350 miles. The hike was phenomenal and the scenery was stunning […]

2008 Hayduke

The Hayduke Trail is more or less a backcountry route that uses mainly cross country travel, existing trails, and 4WD roads that starts in Arches National Park and traverses through most of the national parks in Utah and the 4 Corners region before it ends in Zion National Park. This is another fantastic hike with […]

2007 Lake Tahoe Swim

I decided to change the pace a little bit and swim unsupported around Lake Tahoe this summer. It took me about 7 days to swim the 72 miles. This was a nice change of pace compared to hiking. I like swimming and it feels great to actually get some upper body exercise. The water temperature […]

2007 New Zealand

Starting from the southern tip of the South Island I made my way to the northern end through the Southern Alps. The scenery was stunning and the topography was steep and amazing. New Zealand is planning a long distance hiking trail somewhere along this route, but nothing has been built yet. So much of this […]

2007 Durango to Las Vegas

I was originally intending to hike from Denver to Las Vegas but instead I hiked from Durango to Vegas. I walked into Las Vegas after dark on October 31 completing the Durango to Vegas hike. With all of the hiking that I have done, I don’t think the re-entry has ever been quite as overwhelming […]

2005 CDT/GDT

I started hiking from the Mexican border in New Mexico on May 17th. I finished hiking in the Canadian Rockies on September 18th, 2005. This trip was awesome. I have only found two stories about the GDT on the internet, since it is sort of a makeshift trail. Find out more at The GDT […]