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Poling Efficiency

With the primaries and presidential elections coming up, I thought I would write a post on poling technique – just a different type of poling technique. I am talking trekking poles, not political poles. It recently popped into my mind as I was out on my first cross-country ski of the year the other day. […]

Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2014

Here’s a good blog post on a bunch of new products shown at the OR show this summer. These products will be available next year. ( I saw a couple other products that also seemed really interesting for the UL backpacking community. Vargo Outdoors was showing a prototype Ti crampon that was for running/light uses […]

A Quick Update On Bear Proof Food Storage

As of July 31, 2014 the Ursack S29 AllWhite has been placed on the Interagency Grizzly Bear Committee (IGBC) list for certified bear resistant containers. It is important to note that no previous models of Ursacks have been added to the list. In 2012, Yosemite and SEKI (Sequoia/Kings Canyon National Park) turned over the Ursack […]

Lyme Disease on the Appalachian Trail

I do not like to blow things out of proportion like the typical mainstream media, but this has not been heavily publicized and needs to be said. I firmly believe that there is an epidemic on the Appalachian Trail. I haven’t thru-hiked the Appalachian Trail since the winter of 2005/2006. However as an active member […]

Outdoor Retailer Winter 2014

I know a lot of people post on the Outdoor Retailer show. It is a hectic and amazing trade show where all of the latest gear is on display. There are some great write-ups around the web about the show and the latest and greatest products being displayed, like this one from Will Rietveld: and […]

Sawyer Squeeze Filter Gear Review

The past few weeks I have been experimenting with some Sawyer water filtration products, including the Sawyer Squeeze Filter. I was excited to use these products. I have increasingly been seeing the Sawyer Squeeze Filter out on the trail. It seems like it has been gaining popularity among thru-hikers, and rightfully so. It is simple, […]