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Poling Efficiency

With the primaries and presidential elections coming up, I thought I would write a post on poling technique – just a different type of poling technique. I am talking trekking poles, not political poles. It recently popped into my mind as I was out on my first cross-country ski of the year the other day. […]

Gear Selection

I have also received a lot of questions about why I like certain things over other things. Here is my thought process for that. Backpack Depending on where I am hiking and during what season I am hiking I want a backpack that carries somewhere between 20-45 lbs comfortably. I like a lightweight backpack, but […]

Packing Your Backpack

How do I Pack My Pack? Many people have asked me how I pack my backpack, so here is the technique that I like best and I normally use: Line my entire pack with a trash compactor bag. I like the trash compactor bag because it is a little thicker plastic so it lasts longer. […]

Ultralight Pack Tips

Ten Tips About Ultralight Packs: Ultralight Fabrics and Durability Do not pack a backpack beyond its recommended weight limit. Do not consistently overstuff a backpack with the roll top collar filled to capacity. The roll top collar is intended to make a backpack more waterproof. If the pack is continuously filled to the brink of […]

Hiking Tips & Tricks

General Tips & Tricks Safety first, ultralight is not always right, your safety is more important, make sure you have the gear you will need for the weather you will encounter. When shopping for a backpack, remember the weight of the backpack isn’t as important as with other items that go inside your pack. The […]


Maps and Logistics: Below is a list of logistics and mapsets that I have created. (The logistics link to the documents but the maps are too large and too many files so contact me to get a DVD or get a link to Dropbox to download the files.) Sierra High Route Maps Hayduke Trail Maps Hayduke Trail […]