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2011 Great Himalaya Trail

Pepper and I set off to hike from the easternmost 8000 meter peak, Kanchenjunga, to the westernmost 8000 meter peak, Nanga Parbat. We hiked through Nepal and then Pepper had to leave to go back to work and I continued on through India. This was an amazing trip and probably the most challenging trip yet. […]

2009 Africa

I had made this comprehensive list of all the things that I wanted to mention in this final post for the Africa hike and all of the amazing, eye-opening things that had hit me upon re-entry to the U.S. That might have been too long of an entry to keep everybody’s attention anyway, but the […]

2008 Scandinavia

I flew to Norway directly after finishing the Iceland hike. I had intended to hike the length of Norway/Sweden following the crest of the Scandinavian Mountains from Tromso in the north to the southern coast either around Bergen or Stavanger. On the flight from Iceland I realized that I drastically underestimated the mileage and I […]

2008 Iceland

On June 14th, 2008 I started hiking from Husavik on the northern coast of Iceland. I finished hiking across Iceland on the morning of June 26, on the southern coast just south of Skogar. The route that I took was probably a little over 350 miles. The hike was phenomenal and the scenery was stunning […]

2007 New Zealand

Starting from the southern tip of the South Island I made my way to the northern end through the Southern Alps. The scenery was stunning and the topography was steep and amazing. New Zealand is planning a long distance hiking trail somewhere along this route, but nothing has been built yet. So much of this […]