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A Tale of Two Trips – Recap of the First Winter PCT Traverse

Weather: The Pacific Crest Trail is arguably the most diverse trail of the Triple Crown long distance trails in the U.S. It traverses volcanic lava fields to deserts, from moist, moss filled forests to barren, alpine granite passes – in fact from Muir Pass not even a bush or a tree is visible (the only […]

2012 Mono Lake Swim

I had just finished hiking in the Sierras for a few days and was driving back home. I had some time and had always wanted to try to swim across Mono Lake. It was mid September so the weather was still nice and the water was warm, almost bath tub warm, so I decided to […]

2013 John Muir Trail

I had about 6 days without much going on. Since I was free I decided to go out and hike the John Muir Trail. It was great to get back out on good trail tread and hike. I averaged about 35 miles per day and completed the trail in 5.5 days. I was hoping for […]

2013 Sierra Ski Trip

Pepper and I started skiing from Highway 108 near Sonora Pass, CA on April 15. The highway was still closed for the season so the trip began with a roadwalk up to snowline. It was an interesting trip, as you can see from the trip updates pasted below, due to the low snow year. However, […]