Maps and Logistics:

Below is a list of logistics and mapsets that I have created.

(The logistics link to the documents but the maps are too large and too many files so contact me to get a DVD or get a link to Dropbox to download the files.)

On some of my hikes I have created the route that I have followed. On these routes I have tried to map the routes using digital mapping software, if at all possible. I have done this because it helps during the hike and so that I can help out anybody planning a similar trip. I now have a lot of maps stockpiled. I have also typically typed up logistical information about the resupplies, travel to the start and end of the trails, permits, and other necessary evils. On other routes there is a readily available published guidebook, but it lacks quality maps or the logistics details that a thru-hiker needs. I have also created a mapset for these routes, like the Hayduke Trail and Sierra High Route. If the route is an established route created by the author of the guidebook, like the Hayduke Trail, I still highly recommend carrying the guidebook. The mapset will be very helpful but the guidebook will have the route in description and more information on water sources.

If you are interested in hiking in any of the areas then contact me through the contact me form on this website and I will send you a DVD with the maps or share them with you using Dropbox. This should save you a lot of time in planning and getting ready for your trip.

The maps are free of charge, but I would appreciate anything that you would give back to cover the costs of the dvd, jewel cases, postage, mapping programs, and the countless hours that I have put into making these (even after I have hiked the route and don’t need to perfect the maps anymore).

P.S.- Also, these “routes” are just that. They are not trails like the Appalachian Trail or Pacific Crest Trail. There may or may not be trail tread on the ground and more often than not the route is a conglomerate of trails, cross country, and some 4WD roads. They are “choose-your-own-adventure” hikes and there is more than one way that you could go. Don’t feel like the route that I have plotted is the only way, instead it is just an example of what has worked, and often there are alternates mapped as well.

Side notes:

  • When I was planning my Scandinavia trip, I could not find a digital map set for Norway or Sweden. If anybody finds one please let me know. Or if somebody is interested in doing this hike and they find a digital map set, I will map out my route for you on the mapping software.